Thursday, 12 May 2016

D.I.Y Stress Ball

Hey guys it Lia,

I have just had my exams and I’m not going to lie, even though these exams weren’t that important, it is one of the most stressful things in school life and the sad thing about life is that we all have to go through it.
 So one night I was doing some revision over at my friend’s house (disclaimer we didn’t get to much done, I do not recommend trying to revise with a friend) and we were getting quite board when she showed me how to make a stress ball.Honestly at the time it was the coolst thing I have ever made so I thought I would teach you guys how to do it for your self.

 First of all, you will need:

-A few balloons-Bottle-Flour-Scissors-Glue (any kind just as long as it is runny and not a stick of glue you get what I mean)-And finally a permanent marker if you wish to personalise your stress ball. 

Let’s get started…

 Pour some flour into the bottle but don't fill the bottle too much,remember you can always add more flour to make the ball you desired size.Next put inflate the balloon and then place the balloon over the top of the bottle and pour in the flour. Once you have added you desired amount of flour remove the balloon from the bottle. Then hold the neck of the balloon (where you would normally tie it) and put the flour towards the bottom.

 Once your balloon is filled with flour cut of the excess balloon, then squeeze some glue into the opening of the balloon, then get another balloon and cut the neck of it and apply it over the flour filled balloon (covering the glue filled hole with the bottom of the second balloon).Repeat this, putting the balloons on alternative sides so its even, until you think it is secure, and now you have a stress ball(although don’t squeeze it extremely hard s this may cause the flour to be forced out although it hasn’t happened to me).

 Once you have a stress ball you can grab a rainbow of permanent markers and decorate your ball how you like! 

Hope you enjoyed this little D.I.Y, and I hope it releases some stress, although I use it as a normal ball more than a stress ball.

 Love from Lia x

 -Just to let you guys know I plan to post blogs every week, I haven’t decided what day yet but I do want to post wants a week, although I may be late on posting so please do remember I have school Monday to Friday so I only really have the weekend but I enjoy blogging so I want to make time for it. Thank You for understanding and leave a comment and tell me how your exams or even just your day was-

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