Sunday, 19 June 2016

L'Oréal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

Hey guys it’s Lia,
So today’s post is going to be all about the new foundation craze – cushion foundations! This trend started in Korea, and huge brands such as Lancome have released their own versions of this format of foundation, but L’Oreal is the first more affordable drugstore brand to bring out their own, and I knew I had to try it! I’ve had this one for a couple of weeks and given it a really good test, so here’s what I think!

I have tried every single way possible to apply this foundation in the past couple of weeks: with the sponge it came with, with a beauty blender, with a flat foundation brush, with a stippling brush, every which way! First of all can I say that the sponge in the packaging is mostly useless, it just soaks up the foundation and barely any gets on your actual face, so don’t use that.My way to apply this is by dipping a stippling or buffing brush straight into the cushion and applying to my face the same way as a regular liquid foundation. A beauty blender or sponge is a good way to apply too, as it’ll help with that flawless, fresh faced look this foundation promises. This foundation goes on and blends out really easily, and I like the fact that I can just dip my brush into the cushion to get some product on there!

This is advertised as a dewy light to medium buildable coverage foundation, and I was super curious how it would go on, as I normally wear a more satin or matte finish foundation due to my skin type that is a bit heavier than this one,but I was looking for a more natural foundation for days I don’t want a full make up look. I’m surprised with the coverage that this foundation actually gives, as it does give me a nice medium coverage when I apply this with my stippling brush, but still looks very light and doesn’t feel thick or cakey in the slightest, although due to my acne I do use a bit of colour corrector and concealer but even with that it doesn’t look cakey This foundation does give a dewy glow when you apply, which is fab if you want a nice natural look without too much product, which I think is great! It doesn’t cover all of my redness like a fuller coverage base does, so I still need my concealer on top!

Here is where there is a little bit of a problem for me. I have oily skin and I knew picking a base that was going to give me a ‘dewy glow’ would be a little risky. I’m the sort of person that is hugely aware of when my skin looks oily or greasy, and I carry around a little concealer and powder and blotting papers basically everywhere I go. This foundation looked beautiful when applied, and lasted really well, but I noticed my skin going quite shiny and I had only wore it for a couple of hours. This could have been due to the fact that I normally set my makeup with powder, but to avoid the glow being covered with a matte powder, I skipped it when using this foundation, but I reckon what makes me lovely and dewy also contributes to the oil on my face later on in the day.

I love that this foundation has an SPF in it. L’Oreal Nude Cushion foundation has an SPF 29 in there, which is higher than a normal foundation contains if it has sun protection included. I love how it feels super comfortable like I’m wearing a tinted moisturiser, but has the coverage of a foundation. I also think that as this is in a compact it’s so much easier to touch up on the go, however the puff is a bit rubbish. Value for money wise, it’s the first more affordable brand to offer a cushion foundation, so cheaper than the likes of Lancome. It is a little expensive for a high street foundation at £14.99, but L’Oreal tends to be on the higher priced end of drugstore makeup. I paid £9.99 for this on offer at Superdrug, which I think is great value, but as we creep up to the £15 mark I feel like there are better foundations on the high street for me and my skin type I will be using this a lot over summer however, as I like how effortless and natural it looks, I’ll just have to make sure to keep the blotting paper handy.
Overall, I feel like this would work wonders for someone who has drier skin than mine, as I do have to blot more often with this, but the lasting power is really good and it’s super easy to put on and build up to a flawless medium coverage. I will be using all of this up, I’m not sure about how long this will last compared to my regular liquid foundation, but as it’s summer now (despite the weather), this will help me get a lovely more natural base while giving me the SPF that I want.

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