Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Sticky Note Planner

Hey guys it's Lia,
So recently I have been extremely busy and un-organised so I went on search for ways to help me in becoming organised when I found this project on Pinterest but it was originally a sticky note to-do list. I loved the look but wasn’t a fan of how much paper would be wasted by actually using it long term – so I put the sticky notes behind glass so then I could use it long term and just use a dry-erase marker to write down my to-do's.

I started by labelling your top row of sticky notes.  I used the headings: Now, This Week, This Month, Whenever, and Someday because then I could use my time to complete the things that i needed to do now but if I have spare time I can do something in the this week or month category, but if you would be more organized by making a weekly calendar by putting the days of the week at the top row.

Next lay out your sticky notes in a grid.  I used the backing that came with the frame as my background but you could also go with some coloured card as a backing. The I used a ruler to measure the space in between each sticky note and then stuck it down. Once you have the layout the way you like it, I would recommend using some glue to reinforce everything.

Now just hang it on the wall and using a dry erase marker write onto the the glass what your plans are and feel super organized. Also, don’t forget to store a small dry erase marker on top for easy access.

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Love from Lia x

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